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20 min read

5 Ways to Get Started on TikTok for Brands

It’s no secret that TikTok is dominating the top of the social media charts. Gaining most of its traction during the COVID-19 pandemic with no plans to slow down anytime soon, TikTok describes itself as the leading short-form video platform, with over 1 billion active global users.   No matter what your objectives are, TikTok may…  Read more

11 min read

Measuring Performance in a Post-Cookie World

The Fight For Consumer Privacy  The privacy of our personal data is becoming a growing concern year over year. With the combination of countless data leaks and news about how tech companies profiting on their data, consumers are more aware of the value of their data and concerned with who has access.  Within technology and ad companies…  Read more

7 min read

The Martin Group x Josh Allen for Oishei Children's Hospital

Ahh.. fall. Most think of spiced desserts, pumpkin coffee, and crunching colorful leaves. That is, if you’re not a sports fan. But if you are? Fall equals football. And for marketers, fall means taking advantage of the built-in campaigns that the NFL offers, making it easy to position clients within the football space and quickly…  Read more

6 min read

What Auto Dealers Can Do During the Inventory Shortage

While the ongoing pandemic initially turned brick-and-mortar stores and small businesses into what resembled ghost towns, they have seemingly bounced back as quickly as they were closed. The auto industry, though car sales are increasing and those in the market are making purchases again, has not had the same luck as other smaller industries. With…  Read more

4 min read

Returning to the office — with help from our friends at Austin Air

Eighteen months after sending our associates home, The Martin Group is officially welcoming everyone back to the office. Safely. With a little help from our friends at Austin Air Systems. Austin Air, headquartered in Buffalo, is the premier manufacturer of advanced, medical-grade HEPA air purifiers. They’re also an impactful client that has been making their…  Read more

8 min read

8 Ways COVID-19 Has Changed Grocery Shopping Habits

This past year of change and uncertainty from the pandemic has made everyone more aware to the habits we create, particularly something as impactful and regular as shopping for food. It’s no secret that food suppliers have faced a number of shortages since the onset of the pandemic, leaving little to no stock of popular…  Read more

11 min read

The TMG Tailgating Playlist: Amp Up Before Buffalo’s Home Opener

December 29, 2019. That’s the last time now-Highmark Stadium was open to its 71,870 capacity, full of delirious fans in royal blue jerseys, red caps and the occasional Elvis costume. It’s also the last time that every parking lot off Abbott Road and its linked intersections were teeming with denizens down for 9 a.m. beers,…  Read more

7 min read

5 Reasons to Invest in Marketing Automation

The workforce has been forever changed by COVID-19 – where we work, how we work, and perhaps even who we work with as marketing departments reorganize or shift priorities. Organizations may be faced with the reality that the same amount of work still needs to get done with fewer resources now. It’s been a real…  Read more

5 min read

Crisis Communications: What to Do and How to React

Crisis is inevitable for any organization; however, taking the proper steps can make a huge difference when dealing with them. In 2020, the Institute for Crisis Management (ICM) reviewed an overwhelming 1,709,419 crisis stories in the news, with the most prone industries being banking and financial services, technology, healthcare, government agencies, food production, and travel/hospitality.…  Read more