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3 min read

Giving Thanks for Children’s Hospital

As we gather together this week to share a meal with family and friends, the team at TMG pauses to give thanks for a monumental gift that has been given to our entire community; the new Oishei Children’s Hospital. The new Oishei Children’s Hospital is the first freestanding children’s hospital in New York State, and…  Read more

1 min read

Happy National Philanthropy Day - Global Outreach Mission

Today, November 15, is National Philanthropy Day, and in the nature of giving, we’re proud to highlight our impressive roster of non-profit clients. We’ll be recognizing some of our philanthropy partners throughout the holiday season, and to start things off, meet Global Outreach Mission Inc.: Global Outreach Mission Inc. / Change the World with a Giving…  Read more

6 min read

See what we're reading this summer

Summer is the perfect time to lay out on a beach, on the patio or even on your bed with an interesting book. Our team is diversified and so too are our book choices this summer. Here’s what we’re reading.  Read more

9 min read

From Scouting Players, to Scouting Companies

Lessons from a Professional Basketball Player Turned Entrepreneur  Read more

4 min read

How Bird Nests And New Business Relate

A number of years ago I helped a client introduce a line of “squirrel-free” bird seed. For those not familiar with bird feeding – now the second most-popular hobby in the U.S. behind gardening – squirrels are wily little rascals that will outsmart just about anyone or anything that sets out to deny them access…  Read more

1 min read

The Internship Experience At TMG

During my final semester as a Visual Communication Design major at Nazareth College, I had the opportunity to intern with The Martin Group at the Victor location. It was truly a wonderful and educational experience. I am so grateful for the time the TMG team took out of their work days to offer creative advice…  Read more

5 min read

6 Benefits of Staying Connected to your Alma Mater

We’ve all heard about the power of networking and building relationships. You typically hear about this first as a college student from one of your professors or in a career services presentation you were required to attend. As a college student, networking with visiting alumni was a way of improving your chances of finding an…  Read more

3 min read

Walk or Run, Forward not Back

On January 21, across the country and the world, more than 2 million people walked in support of women’s rights. In interviews, the protesters who marched in Washington and New York and Chicago, in Australia and Europe and Antarctica expressed different reasons for participating. Some said they were marching to stand up for equality and…  Read more

6 min read


Are you part of the global celebration of a new tradition of generosity? Have you given back yet today? Now that Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have all passed, it’s time we sit back and give back to those in this world less fortunate than us. #GivingTuesday is a global day that is dedicated to…  Read more