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7 min read

Stefon Diggs on Sports Marketing

No one’s going to argue that Pro Bowl wide receiver Stefon Diggs can catch a football better and run faster than around 99.9% of us. But off the field, he likes to think of himself as just a regular human being. It’s this down-to-earth approach that makes him such an effective marketer and smart partner…  Read more

7 min read

Revisiting Those on the Front Lines

This past spring, The Martin Group heralded the efforts of some of our clients working on Western New York’s front lines of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Selfless, overworked, and overwhelmed, they helped the region weather the virus’s initial outbreak, then stabilize critical matters throughout the summer months. Nine months after its initial impact, the fight…  Read more

10 min read

Meet the Team: Mary Bonomo and Cody Andres

As a designer, what types of projects are you most passionate about? What attracts you to that type of work? Mary Bonomo: I always gravitate towards work that’s typography-driven, so when opportunities arise to be able to flex that muscle, I am excited to do so. Also, anything that is greater-good focused. It always feels…  Read more

12 min read

Entering the New Age of Digital and Social Media

Sometimes, it takes a village… or a team. To tackle the ever-changing digital landscape and its trends moving into the new year, we assembled The Martin Group’s social and digital experts to share their insights. Hear from our team on elevating your paid media, digital marketing, social media content, and influencer marketing for 2021.  Social…  Read more

7 min read

What The Martin Group is grateful for this Thanksgiving 2020

Wow. It’s been a year. And while 2020 has been fraught with an avalanche of negatives and too many tragedies, we are grateful for the lessons we’ve learned and for our collective support systems. We are also grateful for our dedicated, hard-working staff. Thank you to everyone at The Martin Group for all you’ve done…  Read more

9 min read

Sports Marketing Trends for 2021

The uncertainty around the COVID-pandemic continues to limit future planning as we look ahead to 2021, and sports marketers especially are currently assessing what to take away from a mercurial 2020 in terms of shopping tendencies, audience habits, and the impact of modified live events. So, while the world is clearly still in flux, we’ve…  Read more

15 min read

Meet The Team: Kelli Putney and Dan Giacomini

What was your first-ever job? Dan Giacomini: My first job in the industry was as a communications intern for Sims Metal Management, the world’s largest recycling company. But before that, my first-ever job was as Mr. Cool, the ice cream man, for one summer in high school. In all my subsequent roles and career stops,…  Read more

16 min read

How to write and deliver a speech that inspires action

“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” You know the line. You remember it. And you might even quote it from time to time. When President John F. Kennedy delivered those words in his 1961 Inaugural Address, he connected with people across the nation and…  Read more

6 min read


This year has taken “business as usual” and flipped it on its head. While frontline workers became our nation’s newest heroes, people across a variety of industries discovered what it’s like to work from home. At The Martin Group, our staff has had the choice to remain working remotely since the ban was lifted. We…  Read more

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