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5 min read

Maximizing Marketing Opportunities for Non-Profits

While the last 15 months have been filled with comparatively empty businesses, isolation and cancelled events, the time has finally come where I feel like it is safe to say that we are somewhere in the neighborhood of “normal.” Normal—with stipulations of course. Restaurants are among those still struggling post-pandemic. With lack of resources for…  Read more

1 min read

2021 Healthcare Advertising Awards

The results are in. From the 31 submissions we entered in the 38th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards, our team took home 27 awards! That includes one very well-deserved Best of Show designation for our team’s incredible work on BestSelf’s Child Advocacy Center Integrated Marketing Campaign. We also took home awards for Centivo Healthcare, Great Lakes…  Read more

5 min read

Marketing Need-to-Haves for Professional Services Brands

Let’s start with a riddle: What kind of companies tend to be among the largest and most successful businesses in the region (or any region, really) despite not actually selling any products? Answer: Professional services firms. “Professional services” encompasses a range of different industries that sell specialized, knowledge-based services to clients, as opposed to tangible…  Read more

5 min read

The Higher Potential of Legalized Cannabis

The American stance and public sentiment on recreational and medical marijuana has moved quicker than just about any other major issue in recent memory. A majority of states now offer legal access to medical marijuana, and New York recently joined 15 other states to have now legalized adult-use cannabis as well. This seismic shift –…  Read more

8 min read

Meet the Team: Jillian Gallagher and Pat Sandora-Nastyn

What brought you into the world of marketing? Jillian: I interviewed for an entry-level business development position at a big branding agency in New York wearing my favorite Express pantsuit. Luckily, they overlooked my 22-year-old fashion sensibility and I got the job. One of my senior colleagues there realized I had a talent for writing,…  Read more

8 min read

How Brands Can Use Clubhouse

If TikTok was the app of 2020, it looks like Clubhouse is poised to take over in 2021 thanks to what is really a perfect storm of market conditions. The app is rapidly evolving and adding functionality by the week, so if you’re late to the game, it’s time to start figuring out your Clubhouse…  Read more

6 min read

Learnings to Inspire the Next Generation of Women’s Leadership

Inspiration comes in many forms. To honor Women’s History Month and the groundbreaking women who have come before, we asked members of female leadership at The Martin Group about women who have made a difference in their lives and what advice they can pass down to the next generation. This year’s International Women’s Day theme…  Read more

4 min read

What is Your Public Affairs Strategy?

By Andrew Mangini Every business or organization operates in an ecosystem dictated by government policy, stakeholder input, and public opinion. Your public relations strategy most likely works to promote your business or product in a strategic manner to your consumers and creates a positive public image. But how are you communicating to stakeholders? How do…  Read more

7 min read

Using Social Media to Capitalize on Expanded Interest in Online Education

According to a 2019 estimate by market research store Research and Markets, the online education market will reach $350 billion (US) by 2025, due to the introduction of flexible learning technologies within corporate and education sectors around the world. This is a tremendous projection—but it was made before a crippling pandemic forced an enhancement of…  Read more

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