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Marketing Automation

September 15, 2019

To produce and promote certain marketing tactics at-scale, Marketing Automation can be a helpful tool. With Marketing Automation, you take various tasks you’d manually perform and find ways to make it “run on its own”, leveraging data from your Customer Resource Management (CRM) tool.

Some of the most common Marketing Automation tactics include:

  • Email drip campaigns – A sequence of emails sent over a period of time to educate the recipient and learn more about them. These are lighter-weight efforts.
  • Email Nurturing Campaigns – Focused on growing the relationship with a prospective or existing customer. Emails tailored based on our knowledge of the recipient and their past behaviors
  • Content Personalization – Making messaging more tailored to your visitor and their specific needs on your website, within emails, or advertisements

Marketing Automation uses workflows to determine the sequence of messages or events that should happen. Each step in the workflow has a trigger which determines when it starts (Such as waiting a number of days, or waiting for someone to click a link).

Marketing Automation is very data driven, tracking information about our target customers and using that data to what marketing is best to push towards them. This information is commonly stored in the Marketing Automation Platform itself or a CRM tool.

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Common Marketing Automation platforms include: