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Customer Resource Management (CRM)

September 15, 2019

To help monitor the relationship with their prospective and existing customers, many companies utilize CRM software. These tools serve as a database for all of our client’s contacts (Similar to a mailing list). These contacts are most often existing or prospective customers.

In addition to storing personal details for each contact, the software also records every touchpoint a customer has. This data can then be used for reporting, forecasting, research, and targeting future sales & marketing efforts.

It is used most often as a sales tool, however at many organizations it has become an integral part of their marketing and business operations efforts.

What can a CRM track?

These tools commonly allows you to record the following types of information for a customer:

  • The last time they were contacted & details of the conversation
  • When the next scheduled follow up should be
  • When they last visited our website
  • What other contacts we have within their company
  • Status of any open opportunities for new business, and details of the sales process
  • Historical and projected value of that relationship based on business
  • What marketing efforts has this customer received (Email, mailer, etc)

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Note: While we often work with CRM tools for our marketing efforts, the process to select and implement a platform is a large undertaking. Most often organizations work with specialized CRM consultants for this type of work.

Common CRM platforms include: