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Display Ads

August 14, 2019

As part of a Paid Media campaign we will often include display ads as part of the mix. These ads are banners of various sizes that animate to show off brands and products, encouraging visitors to click through to visit a landing page or website.

Display ads are distributed through display networks who help us target our desired audience by placing banners on specific websites. Once we have our media plan confirmed, our Creative and Digital teams collaborate to execute each ad size based on specs provided by the Media department.

Displays Ads can exist in static (JPG), animated (GIF or HTML) , or video formats. Where possible, we recommend using the HTML option to help with overall campaign performance.

Depending on the type of ad, you’ll need to involve Creative, Digital Development, and Media team members to execute.

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Levi Neuland

Senior Vice President | Digital Marketing

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Moat.com – Example Display Ads For Target

Digital Spec Master Doc (Spreadsheet)

Example Ads – New Era Cap